Thursday, August 22, 2013

its all about formula and planning.


i did my UPS. what a released. ok. i LIED. its not that released. of course not when you know other big EVENT will come to you. yes. UJIAN SEMESTER 1. just around the corner. i am serious. we will never realized how much time had gone and how much we actually use it wisely. well, i did count for myself.. and.. i almost used it wisely. maybe. i am not so sure. i don't have any log book. sorry.

btw.. ever heard of.. failed to plan, then plan to fail? well... its so undeniable. serious. well, lets think about it.. A don't have any plans regarding managing its time to study.. while B already state clearly somewhere *maybe in its brain* what to do and when to do. so.. talk no more.. which one do you think able to perform better? of course B. right? ok..

so.. i did plan my work but somehow.. i failed to.. how to say.. well.. i didn't do it. huhu.. that's another thing. yucks.

hey.. i wanna share some formula that i made myself. wanna know? its about chemistry. and physics. there's other formula but.. i just wanna share this two formula right now. oh, this is for matriculation students but others might find it useful too.. idk.. suits urself.

ever heard of prefixes?
its about mega, milli, deci.. and others.. well.. its a lot effort to memorize it one by one.. so.. my technique is.. memorize it in happy birthday song. my friend memorize it by ultraman song whis is super damn cool because.. she's a girl. :P

so.. lets start.. u can start by decreasing or increasing its value.




T.E.R.A .....

i sing it from small to big.. so.. its values.. start from ten to the power of -12 and the increacing to -9,-6 and -3 (which the differences by 3). then.. just count as usual. -2,-1, then back to 1,2,3,6 an so on.. until 12.

i am hoping.. you can understated this.

for chemistry..
someday.. you will learn about.. hydrogen spectral series.. there's 5 type of series..

  • lyman
  • balmer
  • paschen
  • brackett
  • pfund.
not going to explain what it is about.. but.. my suggestion how to memorize it is... by using LEPAS BERAK PI BASUH PINGGAN formula! well.. this is my formula, of course i can memorize it. if you can't use mine.. maybe you should use other that you create yourself. its better. btw.. i was "sakit perut gilaa" while created this formula. so, there it goes.. x sopan betul. hahahhaha..

so, thats it from me. thank you for your time. :)

p/s: crazy talking and writing in english because.. i having MUET soon. so.. practice make perfect isn't?

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