Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is who i am

Dalam dilema. Look.

I love myself. I might be a fat girl or whatever you call it, but.. i just feel comfortable in this state. I am not that kind of girl that prioriotize physical more. Pftt. I mean, looks doesnt really matter but your heart is. When i am looking for relationship or friendship or any connection between people, i seek for honesty and kindness and anything but not yout look.

Your physical is just bonus. Really. I dont care that much. And i never had a dream about having super handsome or cute guy. Nope. Main point is,  i just dont care about look and i am hoping you are going to do the same.

Reason why i am fat? Its because i dont look on someone's physical or look. Think it this way, you represent of what you want. Either in yourself or others. Get it?

The only reasons why i try to lose some weight is because you want it that way and i love you. I love all my friends. If and only if i can show how much i love you all. :/

So. Here i am. Finding motivation to keep losing some weight. And i dont know how long will it last. Sorry if i dissapointed you. Maybe its because i do something that, i dont care much. But your feeling is. I care about it. A lot. :). Anddddd... maybe thats why i am doing this.

Lastly.. i am trying to do what i can. And i love our friendship. A lot. Really. A lot. So much.

Soooooo..... dont mad at me if i failed.

Bye. Love you guys. Love you all my friends.

So much love for today. I dont know why. And so many good things happen today. Syukur. Thanks Allah.


  1. Assalamualaikum sis! I really understand on what you feel about physical appearances because I feel the same way as you did. I'm a big girl, a really big, or to be exact a HUGE GIRL! My current weight is 98kgs, yes another 2kgs to be 100! Within a month, saya akan ke kolej matrikulasi perak I tried to lose some weights but it is just never works out! Huh -poor fat girl-

    1. waalaikumsalam. well.. as long as you do ur best... u will never regret. but keep in mind, the real failure is when you stop trying. so.. all the best! because there is always hope :)


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